Sales And Delivery Contract

You agree to the terms and conditions below when you place an order through our website, e-mail or telephone.

1. Parties to the Convention:

a) Conducting the activities of websites İkitelli O.S.B. Saraçlar Sitesi 5.Blok No: 67 Ahsapolsun located at Başakşehir / Istanbul / Turkey (hereinafter referred to as "SELLER").

b) Internet users who are members of the websites and our customers who order by e-mail or telephone (hereafter referred to as "BUYER")..

2. Order Process and Payments :

You can make payments by PTT postal check or Bank transfer (Money transfer, EFT, SWIFT)..

2.1.Your offered price is prepared and your proforma invoice is sent for approval.
2.2.If you want, a sample printing will be conducted for a fee and sent to you.
2.3.60% of the total amount together with your order will be collected.
2.4.Your products are prepared, photos of your order will be sent in single and batch.
2.5.The remaining 40% of the price is collected.*
2.6.Your order will be delivered to the shipping / logistics company you notified with payment on delivery, or you can receive it from our address.

*Your order will definitely not be delivered until the entire amount has been collected.

3.Technical Details

Due to the nature of the wood, there are different surface patterns and they are not the same.

Even if the product is cut in series on the machine, most of the work is done by skilled craftsmen, which causes minor differences. If you are sensitive about this, please request a sample.

Due to its natural wood nature, it may show rotation, buckling, cracking behaviors depending on the ambient humidity. For long-term use, do not wash the product in the dishwasher, do not leave it wet and damp. When it needs to be cleaned, wipe it dry with a damp cloth. Store vertical. Depending on the frequency of use, feed it with vegetable oil (such as olive oil) when its color becomes dull.

4. Validity of Your Orders :

Your orders are valid only when your payment has been received by your bank account. For this reason your orders will be met on the basis of the stock when the payment has reached. Your backlogged orders will be refunded.

BUYER, from the moment of ordering accepts all legal liabilities that may arise from the use of intellectual property and copyrights of the trademark / company logo, writing, drawing, pattern or all visual materials sent to the SELLER, and it will be deemed to have accepted in advance that no compensation or provision will be required from SELLER

SELLER undertakes not to share any written and visual material which BUYER has intellectual property and copyrights of with other companies or persons other than the obligatory production activities.

5. Delivery :

You can receive your orders at our address or we can deliver them to the shipping company you notified.

Once your payment has been received your order will begin to be prepared and delivered to the shipping company you stated when it is ready. Deliveries are made within a maximum of 20 working days, with a minimum of 5 working days following the payment, subject to varying work intensity. Cargo operations are organized by the buyer and paid by the buyer.

Cargo companies offer special or sensitive transportation services in case of damage, breakage, etc. that may occur during transportation. We recommend you to use these services. Our company does not take responsibility for damages that may occur.

For this reason, we recommend that you pick up your orders at our address. (Ikitelli O.S.B)

6. Force Majeure :

Any situation that does not exist on the date when the order is accepted and that is not anticipated, develops beyond the control of the parties, makes it impossible for the parties to fulfill their obligations and responsibilities partially or entirely borne by the contract or both, (War, terrorism, insurrection, legislative provisions, confiscation or strikes, lockout, significant failure in production and communication facilities, etc.). The party who is acting as a force majeure will notify the other party of the situation immediately and in writing. They will not have any responsibilities as they can not fulfill the actions of the parties during the continuation of the attack. If this peculiar cause continues for 10 (ten) days, each party will be unilaterally entitled to terminate the order.

7. Right of Withdrawal:

You are not entitled to a refund as the products you have purchased are custom made. However, you can contact us for refunds if the products are different or defective.

8. Delinquency Terms :

If the parties fail to fulfill their obligations under the contract, they shall be subject to the default provisions of the Debt Law, Articles 106-108 of the Code of Obligations. In the event of default, if any party fails to perform its actions without due cause within the time limit, the other party shall give 7 days to the non-performing party to fulfill the action. If it is not fulfilled within this period, it shall be entitled to payee delivery of the goods, and / or demand the termination of the contract and the return of the cost, by requesting the performance of the non-performing party.

The SELLER undertakes to inform the consumer within the obligation time arising out of the contract if he fails to fulfill the contractual obligations by claiming that it is impossible to fulfill the ordering goods or service (If the supplier's product can not be supplied at all). In this case, the SELLER has the right to terminate the contract immediately and undertakes to return the cost of the product ordered by the customer and any documents that put it into debt.

The Supplier may not deliver within the term of the contractual term with reason of force majeure which may prevent fulfillment of the obligation of the seller or weather opposition (Disconnection of traffic, extraordinary events such as fire, earthquake, flood) which prevents the shipment. In such cases, the BUYER accepts that SELLER has no liabilities, and can cancel the order or postpone the delivery until the obtrusive condition ceases to exist. The amount paid by the PURCHASER in the case of canceling the order shall be paid to him within 10 days.

9. Authorized Court :

Consumer Arbitration Committees declared by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce and Consumer Courts in Istanbul are authorized for the implementation of this contract. In the event of an order being placed, the PURCHASER shall be deemed to have accepted all the terms of this contract.

The SELLER Ahsapolsun; has the right to change the price of any product or service price or to cancel the product and service when necessary.

Our customers who place orders on our site, by e-mail or by phone are deemed to have accepted all the above items.

For your demands and problems in sales and delivery issues; You can contact or +90 538 816 27 88